Hello! I'm Dorian Speed, that is my honest-to-goodness real name, and I absolutely love what I do.Dorian Speed

I'm a web designer living outside Houston. I work with small businesses, organizations, bloggers, and other Needers of Websites. You can learn more about me, but the main thing is:

I would like to help you get good at the Internet.

It'll be fun. You'll learn a lot, and you'll be proud of your Internet presence. Let's get started, or find out more information about how this works.

Changes in Genesis 2.0: Gary Jones Helps You Think Hard and Code Better

A friend of mine who's a crackerjack math teacher was telling me recently about various ways he gets his students engaged in learning. One of the cleverest ideas he shared with me was "Think Hard Thursday." On Think Hard Thursday, the goal is to push yourself as hard as you can to learn more about something that might seem way over your head at first. He'll walk his students through a … [Read More...]


Discounts? Deals? What is this, Monopoly?

Chris Lema is a brave man, for many reasons. Most recently, because he did something I could never do: he negotiated with his dentist. It's never even occurred to me that I could negotiate with my dentist. Maybe Chris' story is going to change my life because I'll finally step out in courage and make a counteroffer when my teeth are on the line. (My teeth! We're talking about teeth, … [Read More...]

5 Favorites for WordPress

Five Favorites for WordPress (premium edition)

When you're starting out as a WordPress designer, it's tempting to start spending money on anything shiny that might make your job easier. The mere act of investing in a book, software license, or online course can make you feel like you've accomplished something just by virtue of your purchase. (Ask me how I know.) But it's smart to hold off and spend your money where it can best go to work for … [Read More...]